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The Dirty Martini Posting Rules & Guidelines

1. Please be respectful of ALL our members. We all have our opinions and whether you agree or disagree, we are all here for the same purpose; to have fun and talk about EJole! We welcome diverse opinions on the show and characters. However, anti-shipping of any kind will not be allowed.

2. Please do not bash the DAYS cast and crew. Critiquing an actor's performance is acceptable. However, there is a fine line between performance and an actor's physical features. DAYS hair, makeup and wardrobe are things that can be critiqued as well.

3. Please do not bash other fanbases or other message board members.

4. Please do not bring discussions from other message boards to TDM. With the exception of verified DAYS News & Spoilers, please refrain from discussing other message board topics as well as their members.

5. No baiting. This is the intent to disrupt discussion by posting something not in the spirit of TDM.

6. Keep discussions focused and relevant to thread topic.

7. No trolls/spam/ads. Please do not disturb members with unsolicited ads or PMs. Multiple screen names and accounts are forbidden

8. Banners should not be more than 600x300 in size. Large animated banners are prohibited. Please remember the more graphics you add, the slower the board will load for other members and devices like iphones, droids, ipads, tablets, etc...

TDM Staff will judge each infraction on a case by case basis. Please do not address your situation publicly. A TDM Staff member will be available to discuss it privately.

Thanks and hope you have a great time posing at TDM!