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Stop rewriting history
Topic Started: Thu Sep 19, 2013 5:34 am (4,947 Views)

So so sick of people claiming EJ never loved Nicole.
Of EJ claiming Sami was always his first choice.
It's not what played out on screen. It's not what happened.

Rewriting it doesn't make me believe it happened it just makes me believe the character is going through some delusional phase.

I am a Nicole and EJ fan and I can happily say yes Nicole had a miscarriage and didn't tell EJ about, yes Nicole stole Sami's baby, yes at times EJ was a crazy loon and was extremely unkind and hateful towards Nicole, Yes EJ thought he was in love with Taylor. I don't need to deny history to believe in this couple.

Anyway I am attaching the following clip (which is an EJ and Sami clip) but to me contains a beautiful statement by EJ on his love for Nicole.
" I didn't see it, because I chose not to, because I let my guard down. I let my guard down because I really loved her. I really loved her and I wanted her to really love me and I thought that I had finally found somebody that I could truly give my heart to."


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Brava, I don't know what is being smoked over there but EJ truly loved Nicole and that was on my screen, next it will be re-written to say Sami never loved Lucas or Rafe.
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Can anyone remember whether the end segment of this vid was a fake out or a dream sequence?

"i love you so much more, the love that I have for you is deeper than anything I ever experienced before"
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I did love her
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Just Yummy
I'm used to soaps re-writing history, but when I say that it's more like when they have Bo and Billie have a grown daughter years later that they never had. Or Kate getting kids grown children after she came on the show with just Lucas. The current writing team seems to think that we the viewers don't remember Sami shooting EJ in head without remorse and going home to screw Rafe. Also her disregard for EJ and Nicole as to not mattering compared with her marriage with Rafe after the grief sex :gag:. Then them acting like a talk about all those horrible things they did to each other were like they argued about who got the kids one night and didn't bring them back on time.

They've erased Ejole as ever loving or married to each other much less seem to even know each other. I can't bother watching the show the way they've totally rewritten recent history like it doesn't matter but Nicole is supposed to have carried feelings for Eric for the past 15 years and him be her true love. :blink:

Sami has been allowed her full history on the show with the exception of the bad deeds done to her by EJ (rape, kidnapping, etc) while Nicole has not been able to lose what happened to her as a child BEFORE her character came to Salem and it thrown in her face regularly.

Maybe Day's thinks they can rely on only recent viewers who don't know the characters histories. IF that be the case I guess I'm right for not bothering to watch, long term viewers aren't that stupid. It happened, we know it happened if they can't write a decent story to justify them they aren't the super couple Day's wants them to be.

It is ironic to me that Lucas/Kate almost let Sami go to the electric chair and they're all fine together but Ejole had one child hidden from EJ the same as Sami did but they've been erased from existence. And god forbid they mention each other yet if the couples stay as is Ejole will be related through marriage which will make Nicole - Sydney, Johnny, Allie and Will's Aunt as well as Ariann'a Great Aunt. Yep Day's way to make things believable.
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As a viewer, I can't take anything EJ says as genuine because he has become a fickle horny teenage girl to the point I wonder if he even knows the meaning of love since he declares it so freely and easily ie Nicole, Taylor, Sami I don't put much value in what comes out of EJ's mouth.
Edited by Lucy, Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:27 pm.
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EJ lying to Sydney about his feelings for Nicole.

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"You're my rock you know that".
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Dirty...Just the way I like it!
I love your enthusiasm, bisque!
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Jari Magic
Thanks bisque for sharing these wonderful scenes! Watching Ejole never gets old! :EJOLE:
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